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The Famous €30 Meat Deal

The Famous €30 Meat Deal
The Famous €30 Meat Deal

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Choose any 5, for only €30.

4 chicken fillets, Allergens (none), 1lb steak mince Allergens (none), 1 lb Diced steak Ideal stew,casseroles, curries Allergens (none), 2 sirloin steaks Allergens (none), 4 Pork chops Allergens (none), 2 large stuffed chicken breasts Allergens (gluten), 1lb chicken stir fry Allergens (soya, sulphites), 6 steak burgers Allergens (sulphites), 4 Italian pork chops Allergens (soy, sulphites), 3 breaded chicken fillets Allergens (dairy)


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